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Boruto with Sarada Uchiha

Boruto: Naruto Next generation

The Hidden Leaf Village has entered an era of peace and modernity. Tall buildings line the streets, giant screens flash with images, and the Thunder Rail runs through the village, connecting each district together. Though it's still a ninja village, the number of civilians has increased and the life of the shinobi is beginning to change.

Boruto Uzumaki, son of Seventh Hokage Naruto Uzumaki, has enrolled in the Ninja Academy to learn the ways of the ninja. The other students are ready to dismiss him as "just the son of the Hokage,” but Boruto’s heart and character blow all their assumptions away.

As a series of mysterious events begins to unfold, it’s up to Boruto and his new friends to handle them. Like a gale-force wind, Boruto makes his own way into everyone's hearts; his story is about to begin!

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Boruto: Naruto Next generation Movies

The First and Only Movie of Boruto Was named "Boruto: Naruto The Movie". Boruto: Naruto The Movie was released back in August 2015 and introduced the world to Naruto’s oldest child. The movie was set after Boruto had already been placed onto Konohamaru’s squad following his Academy graduation, and the film follows the kid as he came to terms with his father’s legacy.

The Boruto movie could be condensed into an TV miniseries since it ties into the Naruto sequel. The Boruto anime began when its titular hero was still in the Academy, so the Boruto movie could be chopped into a new arc for the series.

Of course, there is always the possibility that another Boruto movie is in the works. It took the original Naruto anime about two years to get a movie, but Boruto already have a reputation with fans since it acts as a successor. The franchise’s last movie was released in 2015, so the industry is due to announce a Boruto movie at anytime.

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Boruto: Naruto Next generation Specials

There Are two Specials of Boruto Released Till Now And We hope Soon a New Special Release Date Will be Be Announced.

1. The Day Naruto Became Hokage

PLOT: It's the day of Naruto's Hokage inauguration, but he hasn't woken up yet. Hinata asks Himawari and Boruto to wake their father up, and after Himawari's gentle attempt didn't work, Boruto wakes Naruto up by jumping on him. During breakfast, Naruto wonders if his Hokage cloak will look as unfinished as Kakashi's, since the seamstress hasn't finished it yet. Hinata leaves to get the cloak, while Naruto is supposed to go straight to the Hokage Office with Boruto and Himawari. However, when Hinata arrives there, she finds that her husband hasn't arrived yet, so she runs home.

Meanwhile, Naruto wants to leave, but Boruto and Himawari fight over a teddybear until it rips. A visibly upset Himawari turns around with the Byakugan activated in both eyes and attacks her brother, who falls down on the floor. Naruto runs towards them, telling them to stop fighting because they have to go, only to be hit by Himawari's finger.

At the same time, Kakashi and Shikamaru decide not to wait for Naruto, instead they ask Konohamaru to take on Naruto's appearance and the inauguration begins. Because Himawari hit his tenketsu, the real Naruto has been knocked out and is found by Hinata, who wonders who could've done that. Meanwhile, a terrified Boruto hides from his sister who enters the room with a demonic expression on her face, asking if Boruto was playing hide and seek.

2. Boruto: Jump Festa

PLOT: Team Konohamaru is given a mission to track down a suspicious person in the village. Meanwhile, before training with Shikadai and Inojin, Chocho tries to find potato chips when they seem to be sold out in every store.

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